Chief instructor - Dr Luke Zhang

Luke personally leads all our classes. 

His passion is for as many people as possible to experience the health and wellbeing benefits of genuine Tai Chi. 

He's also a really nice chap!

Western science meets Eastern health & wellbeing

Our Chief Instructor, Dr Luke Zhang, is a pretty rare thing. He's dedicated his career to bringing the benefits of Tai Chi to as many people as possible. 

He should know what he's doing - he was the Beijing Tai Chi Champion, twice. 

On top of that, Luke should know about the health and wellbeing benefits of Tai Chi  - he's a retired senior hospital doctor. And he's spent the last 20 years refining his Tai Chi to optimise it for physical and mental wellness for all.

Whatever your reasons for pursuing Tai Chi, Luke will personally ensure your experience with us is professional and authentic - firmly built on his extensive experience and medal winning expertise.

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