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Try Tai Chi for free

I'm delighted to offer a free Facebook Live taster class for anyone 65 or over - this Friday 14 August 3-4pm. Head on over to our Facebook page for more details. Whilst some in person activity starts to pick up again, I also know that many of us have got used to joining health and wellbeing classes - such as Tai Chi - via a computer, tablet or phone. For many it's a convenient habit that continues to be part of their weekly routine. I also know that many of us like to "try before we buy."So...

August 10, 2020

Maybe don't give up bad stuff - just yet?

Life can be harsh. There is certainly so much room for more kindness to each other - but I think we also need to start learning to be kind to ourselves. One area I believe we need to be a lot kinder to ourselves is when it comes to our habits.  There is no disputing that bad habits are - well - they are bad for us and if you're under medical supervision you should certainly take notice of what your healthcare professional says - more than what I write here. So much, not all, of modern ...

July 25, 2020

Comfort zones

"A change is as good as a rest" so the saying goes. And don't we all need a rest from so many of the challenges 2020 has thrown our way, so far? Naturally a change can be getting away from it all, but change can also come from building new positive habits. I don't think we are ever too young or too old to improve our self care by adding healthy habits into our lives. For many this comes naturally - nutrition, exercise and mindfulness being part of everyday life. Although most of us usually have ...

July 13, 2020

Tai Chi starts at 65!

Zoom in for Tai Chi! I've been regularly teaching Tai Chi to the 65s and over for years. Adapting to lockdown has allowed me to take my 65s classes further afield - thanks to Zoom. And I'm really pleased that distance is no longer a barrier to sharing the Tai Chi that I have refined over the years for my clients who happen to be 65 years young or younger! I'm 65 or over. What are the benefits of Tai Chi?  I would say Tai Chi has many benefits for both mind and body. I love seeing my cl...

July 6, 2020

Happy Father's Day!

A very happy Father's Day to all dads, young and old, with us or far away....

June 21, 2020

Tai Chi for health and wellbeing

Tai Chi comes in many shapes and forms, schools and styles. It originally started, centuries ago, as a martial art in China. Some folklore suggests it was developed for sedentary monks who needed to exercise in their breaks from their very long meditations! For the last hundred or so years it has been practised solely for health purposes. Often called "moving meditation" Tai Chi is a collection of graceful, slow, flowing movements designed to support mental and physical health and well...

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