Maybe don't give up bad stuff - just yet?

Be kinder to yourself

Life can be harsh. There is certainly so much room for more kindness to each other - but I think we also need to start learning to be kind to ourselves. One area I believe we need to be a lot kinder to ourselves is when it comes to our habits. 

There is no disputing that bad habits are - well - they are bad for us and if you're under medical supervision you should certainly take notice of what your healthcare professional says - more than what I write here. So much, not all, of modern advertising is designed to mildly shame us into buying a product or service - to make up for not having lived a perfect life to date. "Get to the gym to work off those extra cakes" or "Detox with this product to shake off previous indulgences." The words might not be written - but the meaning is there!

For many people this mild shaming works, but for many others it becomes a cycle - shame, accept the call to purchase, fall off the wagon - and repeat. And of course it's big money for business. I'm always delighted when I see people improving their health and wellbeing - even if Tai Chi isn't part of it! And we all walk many different paths to find our way of health and wellbeing.

It's for each of us to decide - this certainly isn't medical advice - but is it worth thinking about how you can be kinder to yourself? Instead considering what positive habits you can develop rather than focusing solely on those you need to drop? For many - as they steadily build in new positive habits then there is simply less time for those negative things that need to be kicked. 

Speak to your doctor for medical advice; this is just a thought - being kinder to yourself could include steadily building more positives in each day, letting the negatives fall away. Whatever health and wellbeing path you walk - I wish you well.

Be well, 



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