What happens in a class?

Each class starts with a warm up; followed by Tai Chi exercises to balance your mind and body.

The remainder of the class then is about developing and practising your Tai Chi.

There are regular breaks, questions are encouraged. Each class lasts an hour.

Do I need special clothes or a mat?

Come as you are! All our classes are friendly and sociable. Loose clothing and comfortable footwear is ideal. 

You won't need any special equipment such as a mat.

What do I need for my online class?

We will send you a Zoom link, once you have booked your class.

You'll need to be set up to be able to see and hear the instructor.

If you'd like feedback during your class, then think about setting up your camera to be able to capture you top to toe. 

It's also fine if you just want to follow along!

If you can find a room where you won't be disturbed and with enough space to swing a (proverbial) cat, then all the better. 

Don't forget some drinking water.

What ages can do Tai Chi?

Generally we find that for most of our classes 16 is a good minimum age.

There is no upper age limit! 

In fact, our Tai Chi is very popular with 65s and over. 

Do I need to be fit?


Our Tai Chi really is open to all, regardless of ability, mobility or condition.

We're all different and most of us can benefit from Tai Chi.

Isn't Tai Chi a martial art?

It was for centuries, up to about 100 years ago. 

Over the last century or so, experts such as our Chief Instructor Luke have refined and optimised Tai Chi for physical and mental wellbeing.

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